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Who We Are

What you must know about SEOetc is that we are a small, yet highly effective team. We have SEO experts, web designers, and copywriters who are diligent and experienced in what they do. The main focus of this team is meeting customers’ needs and getting them the results they want to achieve.

Our Mission

What is special about SEOetc is our mission to help local businesses in the Orlando area. They have goals and we are here to develop creative and effective strategies that will help them reach those goals. Orlando is our community and our home. Everything we do to help you, helps our community as well.

What We Do

About SEOetc's 6-Step Process



We approach our discovery process with learning more about what you want and what your business needs. This is important so that we can create a tailored optimization solution.



At this step of the process we put together an executable plan that can bring your business to the next level.  First, we analyze the data gathered from our discovery process. Then, we define clear objectives, create an actionable strategy, and build your roadmap to success.



Our design process focuses on crafting custom solutions that best suit your needs and budget. Our team of professionals use the latest trends to create a website and digital marketing strategy that drives results.



This is where we develop a game plan that is designed to put you ahead of your competition. We include designing a fast, responsive and mobile friendly site, hosting it on our high speed server, and using SEO strategies to optimize it. 



This is the step at which our plan becomes action. We use our strategy with high level of efficiency in order to maximize ROI. As we are executing our master plan we keep an eye on the data on your competitors and adjust accordingly.



This is the final step in our 6 step process. After we gather our results, we present to you what we were able to achieve. It’s a part that both you as our client and our team enjoys the most. We believe the time to celebrate is here.

Drive more traffic and boost your sales

From research and analysis to implementation and monitoring, our team of local SEO experts will make sure your website is optimized for success.

What is special about SEOetc?

As an Orlando business owner, what you need to know about SEOetc is its proven track of success in the local market. Our SEO company has a long history of helping local businesses reach their goals through effective SEO strategies.


We believe that successful SEO efforts need a result-oriented approach. SEOetc uses customized SEO campaigns tailored to the specific needs and goals of your company. Firstly, we do a keyword research and analysis. Then, after using our strategies, we monitor and evaluate performance metrics to see if they bring the desired results. With our SEO solutions, you get an increase in website traffic, as well as improved rankings and visibility in search engine results pages. Call us to learn more about SEOetc and its tactics.

SEOetc is a company that specializes in providing our clients with the best ROI techniques available. Our team of SEO professionals deliver measurable results that benefit you. We use our vast knowledge of local markets and use the latest SEO tools and strategies. With our ROI-focused approach, you can be sure that your SEO efforts are delivering the best possible returns. Contact us to find out more about SEOetc techniques.

As an Orlando-based digital marketing agency, we are committed to supporting and growing our local community. We understand the  businesses and organizations in our area. They have a vital role in keeping the city vibrant and prosperous. Helping them grow means giving back to the community.  

SEOetc is staffed by experienced professionals with years of experience in the local SEO and SEM market. We use the latest tactics to ensure that our clients’ websites remain competitive and rank higher in local search results pages.  

Finding Solutions Is What We Do!

We strategize and optimize, and help you excel!

About SEOetc's Founder

Sasa Jokic is the founder and CEO of SEOetc, an Orlando-based digital marketing agency that specializes in Local SEO and Local SEM services. He immigrated to the United States from Sarajevo, Bosnia in pursuit of a better life. Since the early days of the internet he has been tinkering with web design and digital marketing. With over two decades of experience, including extensive knowledge of search engine inner workings and web design, Sasa is a true expert when it comes to leading teams and operations and utilizing technology and processes to improve efficiency. 

Sasa’s comprehensive guide for small businesses in the Orlando area provides the best practices for implementing Local SEO and getting the most out of their websites. This guide is invaluable for those who want to maximize visibility and effectively reach their target audiences. 

With his experience, knowledge, and passion for digital marketing, Sasa is the ideal guide for business owners looking to optimize their websites and make the most of their Local SEO strategies.

Click here to get the “Step-by-step Guide: Local Strategies That Work for Orlando Businesses”!

Sasa Jokic

Founder and CEO
of SEOetc